A man is always a teller of stories, he lives surrounded by his own stories and those of other people, he sees everything that happens to him in terms of these stories and he tries to live his life as if he were recounting it (Sartre 1964) 

Stories teach us about life. Stories teach us about others and ourselves. Some stories become popular, others are never told. Who are those people whose stories remain hidden? What worlds can we discover if we dive deeper into the hidden parts of the cities we inhabit? What can everyday tales tell us about larger social issues?

This website is an attempt to share the stories that I encountered in life, travel, and research. I write about Activism, Conflict, Citizen Participation, and Urban Development. The stories are useful for Academic purposes, but also for professionals who seek inspiration for Consulted research and training. Under Tales of Towns you find stories of the urban dwellings and personal experiences in different cities.

As a young social scientist I have travelled the world looking for stories that are untold. My PhD was about stories of urban conflict; I embedded myself in the stories and practices of diverse youngsters, their parents, other citizens, police officers, welfare workers, policy makers, and politicians. I hope these stories may find recognition. They might be upsetting or inspiring. I hope they open up space in our minds to rethink everyday life and make the familiar special.