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Our new book is out now: ‘Seeing the City. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Study of the Urban.’

The city is a complex object. Some researchers look at its shape, others at its people, animals, ecology, policy, infrastructures, buildings, history, art, or technical networks. Some researchers analyze processes of in- or exclusion, gentrification, or social mobility, others biological... Continue Reading →

Captured by bureaucracy: street-level professionals mediating past, present and future knowledge.

This chapter explores how street-level professionals can function as mediators between bureaucratic and tacit (Scott, 1998) knowledge in participatory planning processes. Lipsky’s classic study of street-level bureaucrats (1980) reveals how frontline workers are embedded in the logic of bureaucracy on... Continue Reading →

Het asielzoekerscentrum als buurthuis? Over vrijwilligerswerk in asielzoekerscentra in Amsterdam en Brussel

Door Rosaly Studulski en Nanke Verloo In zowel Nederland als België worden bewoners geactiveerd om activiteiten te organiseren voor asielzoekers. Asielzoekerscentra zouden op die manier beter geïntegreerd raken in de context van een gemeente of woonwijk. Dit burgerschapsideaal staat niet... Continue Reading →

Social-spatial narrative: A framework to analyze the democratic opportunity of conflict.

Publication in Political Geography Conflicts and contention increasingly challenge the capacity to govern the city. Social conflicts are not only problematic but also reveal a sense of active citizenship and engagement. Agonistic theories argue that governments should embrace contention to improve democracy,... Continue Reading →

Governing the global locally: Agonistic democracy practices in The Hague’s Schilderswijk.

Cities have become stages for (inter)national conflicts over political and religious identity, democratic values and ownership of place. These ‘glocal urban conflicts’ challenge local actors to respond immediately and effectively in ways that prevent escalation and strengthen democratic relations. The... Continue Reading →

De strijd om de straat in de Amsterdamse Wallen.

Bewoners en andere gebruikers produceren en veranderen de stad door hun alledaagse gebruik van de publieke ruimte. Stedelijk beleid en planning lopen niet altijd in pas met dat gebruik. In de binnenstad van Amsterdam komt die botsing tot uiting in... Continue Reading →

Learning from informality? Rethinking the mismatch between formal policy strategies and informal tactics of citizenship.

Democratic governance is increasingly focused on active citizenship. Governments in the Global North seek to make residents responsible for improving their communities. Democracy, however, is not solely experienced in abstract terms, it also materializes through more informal everyday interactions with... Continue Reading →

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