Small Stories to rethink Large Issues

Nanke Verloo


tales of towns

A day with the city cleaners: bike challenges in Amsterdam

Before dusk and dawn the city cleaners drink their coffee in the canteen at the wharf. A room full of strong men in orange and black suites, on their shoulders three crosses that symbolize the municipality of Amsterdam. These men... Continue Reading →

A Naked Woman on a Traffic Pole

Last week, on a quiet Sunday morning when Berlin was still asleep, I encountered a naked woman on top of a traffic pole. I wasn’t the first to see her. The streets around the pole were blocked as police officers... Continue Reading →

Small Stories to rethink Large Issues

The RC21 urban studies conference in Berlin triggered participants to rethink the resourcefulness of cities in today’s urbanized world. A wide variety of papers turned on sociologist’s fancy for topics ranging from gentrification, to conflict, to geography, and back to... Continue Reading →

Fighting the beat in the green line

On the day that I had a meeting at the University of Chicago I looked at the map and naively decided to take the green line to 63th street and Cottage Grove. As soon as sat my ass down at... Continue Reading →

Being safe or sorry in the hood

On the first day Chicago overwhelmed me by its size. I took the blue line into town from O’hare and the ride took over an hour. At Clark and Lake I changed to the pink line that would bring me... Continue Reading →

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