Small Stories to rethink Large Issues

Nanke Verloo


tales of towns

Het asielzoekerscentrum als buurthuis? Over vrijwilligerswerk in asielzoekerscentra in Amsterdam en Brussel

Door Rosaly Studulski en Nanke Verloo In zowel Nederland als België worden bewoners geactiveerd om activiteiten te organiseren voor asielzoekers. Asielzoekerscentra zouden op die manier beter geïntegreerd raken in de context van een gemeente of woonwijk. Dit burgerschapsideaal staat niet... Continue Reading →

Urban Movie: Amsterdam Heroes

Friday - May 3 - we will watch and discuss the movie of Julia Strijland that tells the Small Stories of Amsterdam Heroes and the Large Issues they help reflect on: our city, our communities, and all sorts of everyday... Continue Reading →

Stemverhaal: de stemming in het stemlokaal

Vanmorgen ging mijn vriend Richard stemmen op het Columbusplein in Amsterdam West. Tot zijn verbazing stond er een rij voor de tafels waar je op vertoon van je identiteitsbewijs je stembiljetten krijgt. Twee Hollandse vrouwen gingen hem voor. Hun kroost... Continue Reading →

guest blog for Urban Studies UvA

In their quest to understand the city, urban researchers can choose to emerge into sociological theories or mingle into the everyday struggle of the street and learn from what they see. Let me tell you a ‘small story that rethinks... Continue Reading →

A day with the city cleaners: bike challenges in Amsterdam

Before dusk and dawn the city cleaners drink their coffee in the canteen at the wharf. A room full of strong men in orange and black suites, on their shoulders three crosses that symbolize the municipality of Amsterdam. These men... Continue Reading →

A Naked Woman on a Traffic Pole

Last week, on a quiet Sunday morning when Berlin was still asleep, I encountered a naked woman on top of a traffic pole. I wasn’t the first to see her. The streets around the pole were blocked as police officers... Continue Reading →

Small Stories to rethink Large Issues

The RC21 urban studies conference in Berlin triggered participants to rethink the resourcefulness of cities in today’s urbanized world. A wide variety of papers turned on sociologist’s fancy for topics ranging from gentrification, to conflict, to geography, and back to... Continue Reading →

Fighting the beat in the green line

On the day that I had a meeting at the University of Chicago I looked at the map and naively decided to take the green line to 63th street and Cottage Grove. As soon as sat my ass down at... Continue Reading →

Being safe or sorry in the hood

On the first day Chicago overwhelmed me by its size. I took the blue line into town from O’hare and the ride took over an hour. At Clark and Lake I changed to the pink line that would bring me... Continue Reading →

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