Small Stories to rethink Large Issues

Nanke Verloo


Urban Studies

Special Issue with Diane E. Davis: Conflict and Urban Change

As Chantal Mouffe and others have argued, conflict is part and parcel of democratic politics; it is something to be embraced more than eliminated, and in fact it may be impossible to live without conflict in a world of difference.[1]  This... Continue Reading →

guest blog for Urban Studies UvA

In their quest to understand the city, urban researchers can choose to emerge into sociological theories or mingle into the everyday struggle of the street and learn from what they see. Let me tell you a ‘small story that rethinks... Continue Reading →

Small Stories to rethink Large Issues

The RC21 urban studies conference in Berlin triggered participants to rethink the resourcefulness of cities in today’s urbanized world. A wide variety of papers turned on sociologist’s fancy for topics ranging from gentrification, to conflict, to geography, and back to... Continue Reading →

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